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STOPzilla AVM 2015
The ultimate line of protection against malware and viruses
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STOPzilla offers the ultimate line of antivirus product with easy to use and premier internet security tools that will helps to protect users against all kind of threats without slowing down the computer. It boasts:

  • AVM Technology; that deliver the most advanced and most innovative antivirus and anti-malware technology on the industry.
  • Trusted Protection; it is backed by iS3 – the pioneer in internet security provider.
  • USA-based Supports; it avoid outsourcing, thus delivering concise and hassle-free customer service directly from its creator.
  • Simple; it is easy to use by simply set it at the beginning and forget it never exists, it will protect you silently without slowing down your PC performance.

This is truly an amazing antivirus software that will helps to detect and blocks millions of viruses and malware. even the latest and most complicated ones. Its’ AVM technology detection rates also has earned a 100% score from West Coast Labs, an independent testing facility.


  • Comprehensive Protection; it offers full protection against viruses, malware, spyware, adware, and many other internet threats.
  • Real Time Protection; it will continually scans, detects, and removes threats on your computers.
  • Deep Scanning; it offers deep rigorous threat scanning that goes deeper than other Antivirus software on the market.
  • State-of-the-art Art Application Hardening; it offers a self-protection mechanism that blocks malicious software from attacking the antivirus software itself.
  • Full Protection Mode; that act as primary defense for your computer against all kind of internet threats.
  • Stunning Anti-Rootkit Technology; that enables detecting the most complicated and deeply rooted malware, and helps to remove them without a trace.
  • Share Mode; that assist other antivirus software that might have already installed on your computer, thus you will get the ultimate protection from both antivirus software without worrying that they will crash.
  • Simple; it is very intuitive and easy to use by those that don’t have computer programming expertise or just simply desire hassle-free protection.
  • Performance Enhancement; this antivirus software was developed from the ground up to enhance PC performance.
  • USA-based Development & Support; all STOPzilla products were designed, developed, and supported fully in the USA, thus providing concise and clear communication between users and the company.


This technology offers two separate entities, each focusing on different user needs, thus allowing the software to configure itself and address the exact security needs for your computer to run smoothly and safely. It can be either your primary and online anvitirus software OR it can also work side-by-side with existing anvitirus software in your PC. This unique technology uses 2 stunning engines: AntiVirus and AntiMalware.

  1. Share Protection Mode; STOPzilla Antivirus will automatically detect and works with other antivirus software that exists in your computer, thus providing additional protection and avoid crashing between one antivirus software and another one. While most antivirus software out there manage to detect only 98% of malware on the internet, STOPzilla is rated at 100% – providing protection above standard security.
  2. Full Protection Mode; if there is no other antivirus software in your computer during STOPzilla antivirus installation, it will automatically set itself into Full Protection Mode, thus providing single antivirus protection that is reliable and won’t slow down PC performance.


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  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • 1GHz processor or faster
  • Minimum 512MB RAM (XP), 1GB RAM (Vista and Win 7)
  • 500MB free disk space
  • Internet Connection for Updates
  • Support Browser Integration: Firefox 3.6, Thunderbird 3.0.4, Outlook 2007, Outlook Express (or later versions).

This is a truly good antivirus software that will protect not only your digital life and computer data, but also your online identities – keeps your sensitive information for yourself, information such as credit cards numbers and online shopping histories. Get free download now before the free version offers is expired.

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